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The New Name

For years, I had produced all my videos under "LLProductions" which stood for Lancaster Lighthouse Productions. I was only in sixth grade when I decided on this name and I naturally wanted to sound older and more experienced. I still love that name because lighthouses have such meaning and beauty to me. They shed light to lost ships in order to show them the safe route. They also light up an otherwise dark sky. That's what I wanted my videos to be. Light to brighten a dark sky - and light to show old memories that may have faded.

LLProductions also had my surname - Lancaster - which I love so much. My family had always taught me to take pride in my name. It was so important to them that I keep my word and th at the name Lancaster would be one people could trust and depend on.

Nevertheless, I began to realize how personal it is to shoot weddings and tell people's stories. As much as I love the name "LLProductions," it does not convey the kind of intimacy I believe that is the cornerstone to event filmmaking. I decided to keep my full name to show that I do not want to be  simply a business, but also a friend.

In similar fashion, “Films” gives the work I do a more unique touch. I also wanted to harken back to the olden days when everything was actually filmed and not converted into 1’s and 0’s (that's another way of saying "digital" for all of those less tech savvy people - like my wife).


Unique Business Cards and Simple Website Design

After deciding on the new name, I asked a friend from my church to help me draw up a logo for a business card. I didn’t realize how much work went in to designing a 2”x4” card. Here’s the finished product – many hours and revisions later. (Kind of has a Godfather look to it - doesn't it?)

I also had heard of, which is a British company that can print up to 50 different images and colors in a single order! So, why chose one color when I could have them all?

My logo and website design reflects the simple and unique stories I want to tell. It was important to me to have easy navigation and incorporate the various colors I had used for the business cards to have each page as unique as each film I make.


And Finally...

I am sure this is much more than you wanted to know - but obviously you were interested enough to click the link to learn more! ;)

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