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The Reconstruction


Meet Trevor Jenkins. Trevor is a resident pastor at the Downtown outpost of Fellowship Memphis. Trevor's passion for seeing lives changed and impacting the community around him is infectious.

Trevor Jenkins

I first met Trevor just over a year ago while I was a manager at Chick-fil-a. Sitting down and talking to him about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian during my break was a blast. It was so refreshing to hear someone with such passion and love for people.

Trevor called me a few weeks ago about a conference he was planning. He wanted to know about doing some short and inspiriational videos to help promote the conference. His vision was simple - The Reconstruction. Trevor pointed out that many Christians need to reconstruct their lives to live as a missional Christian.

We set out to meet people with a simple question, "Christians are commanded to be missionaries - so how are you living that out?"

Trevor also wanted to personally explain his vision for the conference. So we grabbed an obliging alley and shot this in one take. And Trevor says he isn't much of a public speaker. :)

We will be releasing a few more videos in the coming days!

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